The Creative Team

The Circle team have a blend of national and international experience in media, graphic design, web design, website development, social media management, illustration and marketing with some of Australia’s largest companies. We bring our combined 40 years of design experience to all our clients – large and small. Director Andrew Worland has more than 17 years experience in media with a focus on rural, agriculture and industrial markets. We know these are specialised industries and require great care to ensure the correct message in being given to the right people. Our empathy and understanding of these market segments means you’ll get the right message to market as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Circle Media team fully understand the complexities of marketing and design and will come up with the perfect solutions for your business. We take pride in our work and have a strong attention to detail. We also have a good sense of humour, and know when it is ok to not take ourselves too seriously.

You are welcome to meet with any of our team at any time and discuss your ideas and what you are after.

Andy Worland
Andy Worland, Director, was raised on a farm and has wide experience in rural industries including considerable time in the pastoral areas of Australia. His background gives him empathy and understanding of our rural and regional clients. He worked for News Limited for 10 years finishing as Commercial Creative Manager. Andy is completely addicted to the internet but he is happiest spending nights where he can see the stars.

Kristy Harris
Studio lead
Kristy came to Circle Media while completing an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. We recognised her ability and ensured she stayed. Kristy holds a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, and is a seasoned and worldly traveller. Be careful if she turns her beaming smile on, you will be in the grip of her powers and unable to escape.

Josh Lawless
Lead developer
Josh unlike his name and appearance is not Lawless at all. He’s a talented and experienced web developer whose background has led him to Circle Media. His problem solving and web architecture skills are second to none and he also has real flair for video production and design too. Fitness is Josh’s passion and he always takes an opportunity to get his guns out. When he’s not in the gym, Josh spends his spare time expanding his knowledge in the realm of online businesses and of course, playing Xbox.

Jodi Hoffman
Senior Designer
Jodi is a Senior Designer with over 14 years experience. With a skillset spanning design, copywriting, video production, marketing and social media management, Jodi is a dedicated all rounder. When taking a break from her latest creative project, it’s likely she’s bouncing jokes around with Andy, listening to music and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee.

Liv Patterson
Communications and Copywriting
Liv came to Circle Media as an intern but is now a gun copy writer and the studio all rounder. “Liv can you do this?” is generally followed by a cheerful “Yes”. Liv’s real passion and strength are words, she weaves words into convincing seamless copy that makes even the most hardened of hearts soften and buy your product. But never ever say no to Liv. For if you do she’ll create words so convincing that no-one can argue, not even god, the Dali Llama, Satan or Allah. Liv spends her days dreaming of winning the galactic championship of dance and travelling.