Eagle i Machinery

The Project

Eagle I Machinery are a local farming supplies store in Finley, Victoria. Their focus is on quality, reliable equipment that makes farming efficient and profitable.

Eagle I Machinery came to Circle Media with existing branding. They were happy with their website overall, however minor alts were needed. Additionally there had been no SEO setup when the website was made. Circle Media redesigned the home page slider to be more prominent and visually appealing to customers. The inclusion of relevant SEO dramatically improved Eagle i Machinery’s Google placement for relevant key terms. Finally, a ‘request a call from Eagle i’ button was added to the product pages on the website. Analytics have shown that the call back request button is used almost daily, making for an essential marketing tool for Eagle i Machinery.

Circle Media produce videos of the Eagle i Machinery team providing information on their product range, features, hints and advice. The interview footage is edited together with product footage, drone footage and photographs taken by the Circle Media team to create a complete story. The videos have proven to be popular on their Facebook page and YouTube resulting in product enquiries whenever a new video is added.

Additionally, we have organised scripting, professional recording, and booking of custom radio ads to advertise Eagle i’s product range and services.

Radio example: