Biddles Wine Co

The Project

Biddles Wine Co. is a specialised Geelong based wine distributor. Established by Trish Biddle who curated a collection of quality Australian made wine’s to supply to restaurants and other businesses in the Geelong and Bellarine area.

Trish came to Circle Media with a tight deadline for her branding requirements. The team were able to work with her within her timeframe to establish a classic and elegant logo to represent Biddles Wine Co. A secondary, ‘that wine girl’ in a more free and handwritten style font was created as a useful sign off and referenced the nickname Trish received in the industry.

Clean and sophisticated business cards were designed and printed with a specialty textured raised ink finish.

Half yearly portfolio’s were designed to reflect elements of the season. While a similar layout was maintained, each season was reflected in unique colourways and with suitable imagery.