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QUICK – What are the top five things you need to be updating on your website?

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Your website is an important part of your business. It’s 2019 and everyone expects you to have one; but simply getting a domain name and a basic website isn’t enough. You need to keep it up to date and relevant. Your website typically gets a lot of attention at the very beginning. You invest a lot of time into building it and making sure it’s perfect, but once it launches it often falls to the bottom of our priority lists. But, we really need to keep it up to date and make sure it’s doing what it should for your... Read more

5 reasons why you need a blog on your website

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Writing a blog can feel like a big ask at times. You’ve had a busy week running your business and keeping on top of work, and then you’re expected to find the time to write a blog post. And that doesn’t just mean sitting down to write it. It’s coming up with an idea, finding the relevant photos and making sure that the SEO all lines up. But, having a blog on your website has more benefits than you realise. Here are Circle Media’s top 5 reasons that you should have a blog on your website. I really can’t stress... Read more

Why we develop custom WordPress themes at Circle Media

Circle Media custom wordpress themes
Back in 2003, WordPress started its life as a blogging platform as a way for people to easily publish their content on the internet. It didn’t take long to gain a following, and the release of WordPress 1.5 in 2005 saw the introduction of themes as we now know them. Website developers quickly saw the potential for theme customisation, and soon WordPress became the flexible content management system it is today. If you’re thinking about having a custom website built for your brand or business, you should really consider using a custom WordPress theme. Here’s why we love custom WordPress... Read more

Onshore vs. offshore hosting

Circle Media offshore hosting 1
Recently, there have been a number of instances where we have been asked to put a site onto offshore hosting. Often this hosting looks professional and legitimate, but it isn’t always, and we can tell you horror stories as a result. You need to be careful because you’re putting your customers and your business at risk. Offshore web hosting is simply when your website is hosted overseas. It’s an attractive option given its low price. As a result of this, many people outsource their hosting needs to developing countries to save on costs. But cutting these costs can be putting... Read more

Can Google Analytics help you understand your customers?

Circle Media Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a powerful tool for shaping your online business strategy. It collects all the key data from your website and presents it to you in a user friendly, easy to understand format. It’s powerful and intuitive, and even better, it’s free. The data ranges from key demographics to the amount of time spent on each page, so you know exactly what’s happening on your site. This allows you to see what is working well and what needs improvement. Ultimately, it’s a great tool for deciding what to do next. We can break down Google Analytics into three major... Read more

Google AdWords: targeted advertising to help your business

circle media_google adwords
Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool when used correctly. The theory behind it is great, you only have to pay for the advertising that works, which is every businesses dream, however it is slightly more complicated than that. AdWords are the paid website links that appear on the top or bottom of Google search results. They look the same as normal results except they have a small green ‘ad’ icon in the top left corner. They appear when you have searched using a keyword or phrase that the business has selected as relevant to themselves. You can also select... Read more

Why your website needs an SSL certificate

circle media_ssl certificate
A SSL certificate might sound like daunting technical jargon to you, and us explaining that it stands for Secure Sockets Layer probably doesn’t help. But having an SSL certificate is a crucial step towards having a successful website. A SSL certificate itself is a collection of small data files that bind a cryptographic key to your organisation’s details, effectively encrypting the data packets for your website. This means in simple terms that an SSL certificate will secure your website. Having this certificate means your website cannot be read and your data is secure. Traditionally, SSL certificates have been used to... Read more

Caching and website content

Some of the most common questions the team at Circle Media Geelong get from our clients about their website ultimately are a result of caching. These questions can include: ‘I’ve added a new image, why can’t I see it on the site?’ ‘Why is the information I updated on my webpage not showing on the web?’ When you visit a website, caching stores the information from that site within the browser. The information is kept within a cache so the next time you return to the same web page the majority of the information is ready to load. In other... Read more

Responsive website design and Google ranking

Google is arguably the most commonly used search engine platform on the internet. What this means is that it is important for your website to be found on Google in order to bring your business the traffic you’re after. Many factors contribute to how a website will rank on Google. This includes, but is not limited to, the amount of traffic the website gets, the amount of time spent on the site, the number of pages visited, site content being updated regularly, search engine optimisation (aka SEO), and whether it is a mobile responsive website. View our previous blog outlining... Read more

Website vs. social media

website vs social media
It’s the age-old question brought in to the modern era: website vs social media, which is the best option? Many people ask us whether they need a website when they have social media, or what social media can bring to their business when they have a website? When it comes down to it, everything about your website is the property of your business. As a business you are able to control the imagery, content, layout and information provided. A website gives your business credibility and showcases your services in a professional manner. Similarly, there are many advantages to running social... Read more
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