Monthly Archive: March 2019

Do field days still have relevance in 2019?

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The Wimmera Machinery Field Days have just taken place up in Horsham, and they’ve brought to light an interesting conversation. Are Field Days worth the expense? Field Days began before the days of the Internet. If you wanted to compare brands, or purchase from beyond your local dealer, field days gave you that opportunity. Now, if you want a side-by-side comparison of two machinery brands, testimonials on the pros and cons and all the specs you need, you can just go straight to Google and find the information in no time. You don’t have to travel hours to find what... Read more

Build your business with Google Reviews

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Reviews deserve five stars. They’re honest opinions on goods and services that help consumers make an informed decision about a product before investing their money on it. They help brands understand what they’re doing well and what aspects of their business they can improve on. Plus, they help improve your SEO and Google ranking, which is what we’re all looking for. You can find reviews in every deep, dark crevice of the Internet. Some people swear by Yelp. They’ll only try something new after reading what 12 other people think of it. You find reviews on Facebook, in the comments... Read more