Monthly Archive: January 2019

Rural marketing: the importance of social media

Circle Media rural marketing
Marketing to the rural community can be a challenge, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with it. And an underrated asset in the rural marketing process is social media. There’s still a misconception that social media is directed towards millennials; that it’s for the younger generations who spend their lives on their phones. But this simply isn’t the case. Not only is social media used by people of all ages and demographics, but it plays a unique role for people living in rural communities. This makes it a valuable rural marketing tool for reaching primary producers, farmers and the wider rural community,... Read more

It’s time to talk EDM

No, we’re not talking about going dancing. Electronic Direct Mail or EDM are a seriously underrated tool in the advertising industry. Too many people overlook the effectiveness of email marketing, viewing it as out-dated in the social media era we’re living. But it’s not something you should ignore; it can be a great tool for growing your business. Funny you might ask this question, because I’m sure if you log into your email right now you have a dozen sitting in your inbox waiting for your attention. EDMs are effectively e-newsletters and they’re a versatile tool for your business. You... Read more